Rhino Realty Pros - "Why the Rhino?"

People ask all the time, "Why the Rhino".  Our "Rhino" connection is based more on a philosophy and some on the actual animal. We consider our team to be a CRASH (Rhino term for herd or group) of hard-charging, two-inch thick skinned agents who are willing to go above and beyond for our client's best interests and needs.  We work hard, know our business and charge full-steam ahead. Adult Rhinos have no real predators in the wild (except humans) and are known for being tough. Not all agents can be a Rhino, nor do we want just any agent - our group is specially selected based on their character, integrity, dedication and performance. Many have applied to join our team, but only a few selected.

Our team consists of several highly trained and certified Realtors®. We have several Buyer's Agents who specialize in First-Time Buyers, and Move-up or Down Buyers as well.  We are trained in Foreclosures homes and are a certified HUD Brokerage. We can easily show any property for sale listed by any real estate company in the entire Metro-Denver area. Our Listing Agents are Certified Home Selling Advisors and know how to sell your home quicker, for top dollar and with the least amount of hassles. Looking for a newly built home?  We can represent you on those also - our agents have close relationships with the top builders here in the Denver area, so we know how they work and we can help you get the perfect home that you want.

Now, mentally picture an adult Rhino leading you through the real estate safari to help you buy or sell your home and looking out for your best interest. That is quite a sight!  Really, that thought had to make you smile. For more information, Google "Rhinoceros Success", a motivational book by Scott Alexander.

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