Rocky the Rhino - (Our Mascot)

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Rhinoceros often abbreviated as rhino, is a group of five species in the family Rhinocerotidae. Two of these species are native to Africa and three to Southern Asia. *wikipedia

Things You Might Not Know About Rhinos

* Rhinos have also been referred to as pachyderms.

* Rhino is sometimes used as a nickname.

* The word rhinoceros is a combination of two Greek words – rhino (nose) and ceros (horn).

* A group of rhinos is called a crash.

* Rhino horns are not made of bone, but of keratin, the same material found in your hair and fingernails.

*The closest living rhino relatives are tapirs, horses and zebras.

* Some rhinos use their teeth – not their horns – for defense.

* White rhinos aren’t white and black rhinos aren’t black. 

* Rhino pregnancies last 15 – 16 months! 

* Rhinos and elephants are not mortal enemies.

* The white rhino is the largest rhino species and the largest land mammal after the elephant.  

* Humans are the major threat to rhinos.

* Most wild rhino calves never meet their fathers.

* Black, white and Sumatran rhinos have two horns; Javan and greater one-horned rhinos have one horn. 

* Rhino horn has been used for centuries in traditional Asian medicine, but has not been proven to cure any illness.

* World Rhino Day is celebrated on September 22

**compliments of the International Rhino Association -